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Jonathan K left a remembrance on Bamiyan Restaurant:

🌹 I went here so many times for first dates. The food was excellent, even if the date wasn't. The waiter even acknowledged it with me at one point. Then the owners sold, the new owners changed the menu, and the place closed. So 😢

Roger left a remembrance on Sam Wo Restaurant:

🌹 I took a date here once after talking it up a ton. "Such a cool late night spot, great food, a vibe, everyone goes here". Got to the door and it had been closed for 3 months by the health department for code violations

Roger left a remembrance on Rainforest Cafe:

🌹 I took my team here once and they all thought I was crazy. "Rainforest Cafe is for ratchet tourists". I disagree, where else can you eat a 2000 calorie volcano shaped brownie desert surrounded by animatronic jungle beasts with thunderstorms every 15 minutes

Eddie & Emily left a remembrance on Lodge:

🌹 Thank you for getting us through so many hangovers in our 20s.

Natalie Wight left a remembrance on La Taza De Oro:

🌹 A finer cup of coffee was never served. RIP

Ezra left a remembrance on Kum Gang San:

🌹 Miss the white grand piano halfway up the wall for no reason.

Ezra left a remembrance on Cabana Midtown:

🌹 Loved this place. I think the one in Forest Hills is still open.

Ezra left a remembrance on Agern:

🌹 Ate here once on on a date night with my wife. Underwhelming.

Austin left a remembrance on Scampi:

🌹 Great brunch, great cocktails, but never a soul in the place when we went during the day. Dinner was great too, this was a rare gem of a restaurant when so many others are so bad.

Austin left a remembrance on Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle:

🌹 Amazing dumplings, lots of great memories in college coming here. RIP

Jo left a remembrance on Ninja New York:

🌹 Fun and weird, and actually had great food

Anna left a remembrance on Stage Restaurant:

🌹 I loved going here with my dad for polish food. Best food I ever had and the nicest people. Very sad.

Rina left a remembrance on Zen Palate:

🌹 Went to Zen Palate for a friend's birthday when I was 19. It felt very fancy and I definitely didn't have enough money to be there, but it was an amazing nyc night and I temporarily felt more grown up and cosmopolitan than I was.

Rina left a remembrance on Chavella's:

🌹 I remember recommending Chavela's to my sister two weeks ago, because they are still open, and they enjoyed their dinner.

Rob left a remembrance on Via Della Pace:

🌹 RIP, miss you

Anthony F. Ericsson left a remembrance on Gourmet Dumpling House:

🌹 I went here twice. Once with my friends, once with my mom. It was delightful, and really has stuck with me as a good eatery experience. The place that replaced it is not nearly as good, nor does it even come close to Gourmet Dumpling House in terms of vibes.

Alec left a remembrance on Guy's American Kitchen and Bar:

🌹 I had the misfortune of eating here when it was still open, but I remember the fries were good. Rest in piss.

penguin left a remembrance on Tandem:

🌹 Good times, good burgers, good 4am dance parties.

Disgruntled left a remembrance on Pure Food and Wine:

🌹 Remember when management screwed every single one of their employees over to cover for a criminal? Pepperidge Farms remembers

BB left a remembrance on Takashi:

🌹 First bday dinner I had in NYC was here. Miss this restaurant and I'm sure many miss the chef. rip

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